Evansville, Indiana




Doors of Enduring Beauty

Wood Specialties by Fehrenbacher is well known for unbeatable, quality, interior doors! Our hardwood doors are manufactured in our shop by skilled craftsmen who give personal attention to the smallest details, producing a door you will be proud of for years to come.

Custom Door Custom Door

Our most popular species are solid poplar, soft maple, and oak. However, many other species are available.

We also make an economical wood laminate door that is faced and edged with solid wood, but has a man-made core

If solid wood is not in your budget, we now offer a wide selection of Masonite, MDF, flush veneer and paneled pine veneer doors

Custom Door Custom Door

The door itself is only part of what it takes to make a great door unit. The installation is just as important. We offer customized pre-hanging for ease of installation and hand-crafted fit. We prep the door and frame for standard or special hardware and apply the hinges of your choice.

Our quality door unit is now ready for installation in your home!

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