Evansville, Indiana




Solid Wood - Timeless Allure

Nothing beats the beauty of a premium natural wood door for accenting your home. Solid wood has a richness of both look and feel that proclaims ‘quality’ like no other product can!

Our solid wood doors are constructed with painstaking attention to detail, including dowel pins, rubber tubing around the panel, and the option of having raw panel edges stained prior to assembly of the door, depending on the door application.

Available in a wide variety of heights and widths, as well as in most domestic hardwood species, our solid wood doors are manufactured in-house, applying principles handed down from one Fehrenbacher generation to another.

From standard square panels to delicately arched French Provincial panels to true-radius arch-top doors, we can make your dreams a reality. Constructed for enduring beauty, these doors will provide a touch of sophistication for years to come.

True Divided Lite Doors

Increase the brightness and functionality of your room with a true-divided lite door.

Available as either paint-grade or stain-grade, these doors can be made with a variety of glass configurations. We use ” tempered clear safety glass, but if you prefer a decorative glass rather than clear, we will work with both you and the glass craftsman to insure that the final product is a door that you will be proud to own!