Evansville, Indiana




Laminate and Veneer Doors

If your desire is for a wood door, but your budget is limited, consider a wood laminate or a veneer door. By installing a thin skin of the desired wood (for example, poplar or oak), over a man-made core, you can have the look of a higher priced door at a lower cost. With the same capabilities for staining as a solid wood door, this may be just what is needed to give your project the richness it deserves.

Laminate Doors

Laminate doors have a man-made core which is covered by a 1/8" of solid skin of wood to give the look and feel of a solid wood door.

Available in standard panel configurations in Poplar and Oak, (other domestic hardwood available by request), these doors are manufactured in our shop to the same meticulous standards as our solid wood doors.

Veneer Doors



Wood veneer doors give the look and texture of solid wood doors. They are available in either hollow-core or solid-core and two species: Birch and Oak.

Manufactured by the well-known Masonite™ company, these veneer doors are available in flush style only.