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In 2003, Wood Specialties incorporated state of the art CAD/CAM technology with three generations of old-world craftsmanship to produce some of the finest millwork available. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) gives us the ability to convert data from drawings to machine-able parts files. This process makes it more efficient to produce what has been drawn and turn it into a finished product. This service is extremely useful for prototype development, one-of-a-kind projects and the production and reproduction of batches of parts and pieces for just about anything that can be made from solid wood, MDF, plywood and other composite materials.

Wood Specialties has greatly simplified the process of producing curved millwork. Using traditional methods presented several challenges: typically, drawing a large radius - whether for a template or a finished piece of millwork - requires the use of a trammel or beam compass, and building one of these is a big undertaking for larger wood pieces. If a particular piece of wood needs to have a 60-foot radius, for example, someone has to take a 60-foot length of wood and put a point at one end and a pencil at the other end, then physically swing the arc to get the proper curve. With the technology of CAD/CAM drawing and CNC Machining, this project has become a one-man job and will improve the work accuracy by a factor of 10. Add to this the benefit of the cutters rotating at 18,000 rpm – over three times faster than hand routers and shapers – and you get a result of much faster production times. Faster production means less labor costs, which results in a lower competitive price for the customer!

Our capabilities don’t stop with cutting large radii: with our unparalleled access to superior quality wood and unsurpassed millwork capabilities, we can follow your project and complete all the details. Whether using the CNC in producing a template for a custom knife, duplicating a rosette made over 100 years ago or machining paint-grade raised panel wainscoting from MDF, our skilled staff of master craftsmen can meet the individual needs of our customers!